Wedding Photography

How nice that you have decided to get married!

It would be an honor for me to be able to capture your most beautiful moments on the wedding day. Beauty, atmosphere and emotions of family and friends .. I mysteriously show the beautiful (often historical) location in the photos.

I make a detailed registration of your wedding day. With a unique story that you can relive for years in the photo book.

You hire me for the full wedding day.
Your photos are recorded with professional cameras.

Of course at high resolution for the best result!


No doubt you are busy with all the preparations for your wedding. Budgeting, comparing, planning, visiting location (s), etc ..

Now you need someone with solid knowledge who works professionally. Because a wedding demands a lot of energy and creativity from a photographer. It even seems to be a profession! To give an example of why I am a good photographer for you.

“I view your wedding day as a one-off live broadcast that I have to perform in a prepared manner. I am also aware that you and your guests have no camera experience. No problem if necessary I coach you through it! During a wedding day, there is little time to think extensively on the spot to create a certain session. Before that, I have already visited your wedding location (s) to make the most beautiful portraits in romantic places. I take lots of detailed photos of you, family, friends and even the dog to deliver a beautiful end result. ''

To round off my sales pitch .. Im simply your guy, if you want to have good wedding photos with a guarantee and you can mainly enjoy the wedding.

'' Scroll down ''
I will show you how my photo service will look like!


Love Shoot

We start with a Love Shoot.
 Here we start your romantic Love Story ..

Wedding day - Morning

We start here with the preparation for the day

Wedding Day - Ceremony

During the ceremony I capture the emotion of you and the family.
Of course, beautiful group photos of everyone present will be taken at your location.

Wedding day - Portrait shoot

Now we are finally going to do the portrait shoots!

Wedding day - Reception | First Dance

After this I will be present to take a lot of spontaneous, portrait and group photos. Then the bridal day is already over!


After the wedding, I spend a few days on color corrections, nostalgic featured photos and formatting the photo book!

Super Deal

  1. 6 hours of photography
  2. Photos delivered digitally at high resolution
  3. Photo book (39 x 29 cm)
  4. Supplied photos +/- 300
  5. Post-processing time +/- 14 days
  6. No travel / parking costs

Ask for more information

Or choose:

Ceremony + portrait shoot of you, children and parents. Delivered digitally with wetransfer.

Deluxe Deal

  1. 14 hours of photography
  2. Afternoon or Evening Love Shoot (Pre-Wedding)
  3. Photo on: Canvas 120 x 90 cm 
  4. Deluxe Photo Book + Casette (40 x 30 cm)
  5. Photo video music movie on USB
  6. Supplied photos +/- 500
  7. Post-processing time +/- 14 days
  8. No travel / parking costs

Contact me for more information

Ultimate Wedding Deal

  1. 14 hours of photography 
  2. Afternoon or Evening Love Shoot (Pre-Wedding)
  3. Location exploration for perfect photos
  4. Morning to after party Bridal photography
  5. If available second photographer
  6. Post-processing in Lighroom & Photoshop
  7. Photo on: Canvas, wood, metal or glass 120 x 90 cm
  8. Deluxe Photo Book + Casette (40 x 30 cm)
  9. Digital photos delivered at high resolution
  10. With photo video music film on USB
  11. Supplied photos +/- 500
  12. Post-processing time +/- 14 days
  13. No travel / parking costs

  • Two 14k or 18k gold wedding rings
  • Two 925 silver wedding rings
  • If desired with Diamond
  • If desired with other stone
  • Engraving + Luxury Box
  • Supplied by Schorel Edelmetaal Hilversum

Contact me for more information

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