Portrait photography exclusively for men!

Are you looking for an experienced portrait photographer who specializes in male photography? Are you gay or straight and do you just prefer to work with a man? Then you've come to the right place. I photograph high-quality photos of male models in the Almere region. As a man I know how you want to be in the photo and where the strengths lie to make a powerful portrait.

Business Portrait Photos

If you would like to have a business portrait made, I offer the possibility to do that on location with a portable studio. It is easy to set up and my flashes work on batteries. So I don't have to use your mains power and employees will not trip over cables.

Male models photos

I take many models photos in the Almere region.
We have many parks here, beautiful art buildings and quiet gardens where we can put down a nice shoot. I take High Fashion photos as it is also called in the modeling world.
On location I almost always work with a portable flashlight and nice music to keep 'the flow' in it. I am not a photographer who shoots the photos in an hour and then sends a high invoice. We take at least a few hours to take exclusive photos in different places so that you can hang beautiful photos on the wall for your life.

PS Did you happen to be exhausted and do you want to have really cool pictures of your body? Then give me a call, because before you know it you will be over thirty and you think ... If only I had then, and see how to get those fats off!
You trained in the gym for months so it would be a shame if you never really did anything with it. A tip from someone (like me) who also once had a fat percentage of 10% ..

Studio portraits

I also offer the possibility to have photos taken in my studio.
I have different backgrounds for which we can make beautiful neutral photos.
Mysterious photos often come from a black background where you can really play nicely with light. Let me know what ideas you have and we will automatically come up with something beautiful!

Portrait photography on location

My personal preference for portrait photography is always location work.
If you just look at the region of Almere and 't Gooi, then you are already on a film set of decor.
The best thing about outside of photography is that people don't even look weird anymore these days. Taking pictures has become part of our lives. For example, when I take a photo session in a park, passers-by always make happy comments. From hey! Great shoot, and often cycle or walk further. You keep that and that also gives it its charm when you are busy with something.

In short,

I take high-quality portrait photos in combination with professional equipment. If you are interested in making a cool photo shoot? Please contact Leon Schorel, owner ofSchorel Photography.


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