Nice that you are considering having a portrait of yourself made.
I would say just do it!

I take portrait photos for a fair price.
On location, with flash, with a light-sensitive lens and a little humor.
With that combination we come to beautiful photos and meaby a canvas at home!

Solo Portrait Shoot

Professional photos
Photographing on location (s)
including portrait coaching

How does a Portrait Session work?

I often suggest making a mood board with photos you like.
Then we choose a date and a location. Of course we can take pictures in different places.


I have experience with flash lighting. I personally think that you get the best photos with this. With different grid filters I can easily project different patterns. By working with projection, the model gets a completely different perspective in a room without windows!

It is of course possible to work with colors or to highlight specific subjects.


You don't have to be called Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt to model. During the shoot we start with a few test shots and relaxed music. If I show you the first 5 photos? Then you will immediately experience the wow effect so that the rest will happen automatically.
On the spot, the best ideas can arise from which huge cool photos will come out.

A portrait shoot is great fun!

Takes little time and you always have great photos.

Studio Photography

Couple / Pre-Wedding Love Shoot

Photos at multiple locations

Ask for more info

Business / Team Portraits

Become a model?

Book a Polariod Session

Family and Friends

Show me what you want..

Just do it!


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