Leon Schorel


My name is Leon Schorel and I have been a certified photographer since 2006.
After completing my 4 year study at the photo vocational school in Drachten, I came to live in Hilversum to work for the media as a cameraman.
My daily work consisted of recording show programs, documentaries, news, sports, festival and theater programs.
 In the end I went from cameraman to goldsmith and from 2012 I run my own company in Hilversum! Besides my shop I can perfectly combine photoshoot.

My expertise is that I take exclusive photos at a higher level with off camera flash techniques (OCF). I learned these techniques when I did an additional photography study in Miami Florida for six months. I have external strobes that I can use on location to make a variety of exposures.

I only shoot in Raw. That is a digital version of the negative and is only visible with software such as Adobe Photoshop. The advantage of Raw is that it has all the color information that makes the photos look better in post-processing. When the post-processing is complete, you (the customer) will receive these in Jpeg to be able to print them directly or post them on websites / social media. Other information about my equipment is that I work with professional full-frame cameras with high-quality lenses, flashes, softboxes, reflectors.

My work is followed by casting agencies, model scouts and companies looking for models to promote their products. Do you want to do something with modeling? Then you will stand out 100% because of my style for a fair price!
My Style is to just.
To make extraordinary.

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