About Schorel Photography

My name is Leon Schorel and I have been a photographer for over 15 years

I am from my 15th started at the photo academy in Drachten. That is in the Province of Fryslân where I grew up. During my training I discovered the possibilities of what you can do as an image maker and what photography actually is.

Eventually I came to Hilversum from my 18th birthday to work as a cameraman for our National Broadcasters. Both with the commercial channels and the public. My daily work consisted of recording documentaries, show programs, sports, theater performances, events, concerts, etc. (What you see on TV.)

After 7 years of '' glitter and glamor '' I could no longer use my creativity so I started working in the photography world. Of course I own high-quality professional photography equipment so that I can take on any assignment. Think of different full frame bodies, lenses, multiple flash units, backgrounds, soft boxes, software programs, etc. Everything to make your application successful!

Business wise I think along with your organization so that your business can excel strategically.

In general, I would describe myself as a versatile Photographer that you hire for a fair price that guarantees quality in return.

Let's do it! 


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